Choices We Make

{Originally posted on – 28 April 2017}

There is always a choice. Even when it seems to already be made, that decision was made by a previous choice you, or someone else involved made.

I have spent my life choosing to try to support my animal family according to the social systems in place. In the wake of recent events, in the world and in my life, I have begun to question my choices and work to make new and different ones.

This blog and the messages I have chosen to share here are a result of that decision to question and change.

There is a lot right and a lot wrong with the present systems humanity has created for our animal brethren.

I realise that I do not know all the answers. However, I do know that I am able to lend my voice to those who do have a few: the animals.

My journey to this point has been chaotic. It hasn’t been easy. Opening up to the world through this blog has taken months of personal work to feel strong enough to risk.

It has been immensely rewarding.

However, it is a risk that requires more risk to continue moving forward!

I keep hoping I’ll get to rest a while, but it never happens. I continually surprise myself with what I am capable of, whether that is posting channelled message from the animals to this blog, or offering my perception of Reiki healing, or letting myself revisit old dreams of being a writer and rider (horses) with fresh perspective.

I struggle to forgive myself at times, for waiting so long to try to to open up to myself and the world. To forgive myself for making different choices in the past. I know I’m not alone in that.

The struggle is real, and it is human.

I have always wanted to raise my voice in support of those without one or whose voice gets lost in our manmade systems. They deserve not only a voice but a compassionate one. And I have always allowed myself to be blocked from giving them what they deserve.

And so I choose to make a different decision. I chose to be that voice. To offer my own, with compassion, in support of those who have none. My animal friends.

They have rescued me from myself more times than I care to count. It is time I stepped up and repaid their kindness.

And I am just getting started.

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