Talking Chicken

{Originally posted on – 4 May 2017}

Animal Communication can be weird. It isn’t something you control, but rather something you become open to.

You acknowledge that animals will speak with you, and at times through you, just as people would: often without warning and little or no preamble. They can be just as opinionated as humans, and often just as silly.

For example, one of my dogs once asked if I was going swimming as I was sinking into the bath tub full of hot water. He was quite curious and confused at the concept of soaking in a bath. He also considers hiding away in what I’ve dubbed his man-cave (aka under my bed) when I’ve been away “delightful”. He’s a Parson Russell Terrier, to be clear.

One of the aspects I’ve had a harder time grasping in my journey with animal mediumship is the reality that not all animals who speak with me are in the room. Often they aren’t even in the realm of the living.

Sometimes, they’re my dinner.

That’s right, I’m an animal medium and welfare activist who eats meat! And you’ll never guess what my dinner told me.

He gave me permission to eat him.

Caught up in a wave of guilt over the ethics of eating said chicken, a voice spoke in my head: “I’m not in there. That’s not me. It’s what you do to me when I’m alive that’s the matter, not what you do with me when I’m dead.”

So I ate my chicken. I enjoyed my meal. I expressed gratitude for the strength that it gave me. I felt assured that the chicken was satisfied with my gratitude.

See, I like eating meat.

Not in the sense that I relish the thought that I’m eating another animal’s flesh. I just feel healthier when I ingest animal protein. My metabolism doesn’t function at its optimum capacity when I eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. Believe me, I’ve tried.

My mom is the complete opposite. She’s one of a number of people I have met who is perfectly happy and healthy eating a vegetarian/vegan diet. Her metabolism doesn’t require the protein from animal flesh to function at its best. So I know that a vegetarian diet is healthy, and believe that there are many who benefit from eating that way.

As someone who is very aware of what is wrong with the system of factory farming that we have developed, however, I struggle to meet the needs of my body without compromising my ethics.

His comment about treatment in the lead up to and the moment of his death felt clear. I shouldn’t be struggling with whether or not I eat meat, but with what the source is of the meat I eat. I should focus my concern on how the animals I consume are raised and harvested because, despite countless efforts to improve and countless strides forward, therein still lies the problem.

This experience as an animal medium motivated me to take a hard look at my diet and my choices when I shop for food. It gave me the kick up the backside I apparently needed to step up and follow through on decisions I’d been holding back on for one reason or another.

I’ve since allowed myself to be guided to purchasing free-range (note, not necessarily organic) chicken, and game meat, like venison, instead of beef.

I’ve also chosen to eat meat regularly but less often than I would have done before. I might eat meat once a week instead of bingeing for several days and then cutting it out again for a similar length of time. If I’m doing a lot of running or other high intensity exercise, I might eat meat twice a week, or on days I’ve done those bursts of exercise.

This is a decision that has made me feel in better balance overall. While my budget at times has to take precedence, this has allowed me to balance my body’s needs and live up to my personal ethics.

After all, these things aren’t black and white or one size fits all. I wish more people would realise that, then maybe more of us could feel in harmony with ourselves. Imagine what could happen if we did!

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