When They Want To

{Originally published on wildmagic.blog – 14 May 2017}

The reality of Animal Communication is that it only happens when both parties are willing. It isn’t something that happens because I make it happen. It’s something that happens when I and the animal are both ready and willing to listen and speak with mutual respect.

Much like humans, animals only talk when they want to. Sometimes this means they recognise they will be heard. Other times this is because they have something they feel needs attention or even to pay a compliment. It varies from case to case, and ranges from the downright depressing to the silliest expressions of love and joy I’ve ever heard.

I am keenly aware that I make a lot of people uncomfortable when I say I can talk with animals. I mean this not only in the sense that people think I’m crazy, but that they also seem worried their pets are suddenly going to divulge their deepest darkest secrets to me and I’m going to call them out for whatever terrible thing they think they did.

It seems to be a common assumption that if an individual is psychic in any way, they can just read people’s minds. Sorry Hollywood, but that’s just not the case. There’s a bit more to it than that, if I do say so myself, and I don’t just mean on my end of things.

Often the animals I encounter aren’t looking for a deep or confiding conversation. That’s not to say they’re incapable of such interaction, just that they don’t generally spill their guts just because (unlike many of their human counterparts …). They just want to bask in my energy, and maybe get a little Reiki healing for their anxiety, arthritis or other physical troubles they are dealing with. Sometimes they want me to play fetch or scratch their back. Sometimes I’m given a brief “thank you” or “you’re different”, if it’s an especially vocal creature, but it’s rare for me to get anything more specific.

Even when I’ve been asked to pose questions to pets, or have had my own to ask, the answers do not go beyond the necessary response. Pets are not looking to “tattle” on their human guardians, but correct a specific problem or misunderstanding. Sometimes all they want is to further clarify their love for their human! It isn’t negative as a rule, but it is always about healing.

So when I say I’m an Animal Communicator or Psychic Medium for pets, I don’t mean that I walk around hearing the random thoughts of animals as I go about my day. I mean that I offer myself as a listener when, in their own time, they feel they have something they need to share.

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