The Number One Thing …

The number one thing that adopted rescue animals want to communicate through me is: gratitude.

I mean, I was aware of this on a more basic level before. Like many rescue workers and adopters, I never questioned that the adopted animals were grateful for their new homes and all they came with; but it took everything to another level when I realized this was carrying over into my telepathic sessions with them.

It was all they wanted to talk about.

In one case, the rescued dog politely refused to engage in conversation – his guardian had questions for him – until I shifted the conversation to the fact that he was a rescue. He immediately perked up and engaged in conversation. I had found what he wanted to talk about. He wanted to say thank you!

He was not at all fussed about his guardian’s questions.

He just wanted to offer up a detailed (from a canine perspective) thank you for his second chance. Once I figured that out and obliged, it was as if flood gates had been opened. No longer recalcitrant, he was suddenly almost loquacious!

Part of me suspects that I always knew this would be the case. No animal I have communicated with – adopted or not – has ever wanted to sit and express their hatred for their human guardians or anything remotely along those lines. So I’m not trying to say that I find any of this surprising.

What I am trying to say, is that it has affected me on a level I hadn’t yet experience, and that it has and will continue to impact the way I behave as an animal communicator going forward.

After all, this is what I am realizing I am on this earth to facilitate: expressions of gratitude!

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